Route of the Esk Valley Railway


Restored station clock at Egton. Photograph from the Egton Station PartnershipNorthern Rail has paid for the original wall clock at Egton station to be restored by Mr Dave Perett of Whitby. The clock was removed and refitted by Esk Valley Railway Development Company volunteers.


St Hedda's Church

St Hedda's Roman Catholic church (open daily to visitors) is famous for its murals and for the shrine dedicated to Father Nicholas Postgate who was executed at York in 1679 for working as a Catholic priest on the Moors. The church contains some of his possessions.

Esk Valley Railway Music and Ale Trains for 2017

Real Ale, Real Music, Real Fun!
Enjoying a pint of beerSorry - all over for this year but we would welcome feedback for next year.  We hope to run at least the same three months as in 2017.


St Hedda's Church

St Hedda's Roman Catholic church (open daily to visitors) is famous for its murals and for the shrine dedicated to Father Nicholas Postgate who was executed at York in 1679 for working as a Catholic priest on the Moors. The church contains some of his possessions.

Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show

On the first Tuesday in August, St Hedda's schoolroom is the venue for the Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show run by the Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Society annually since 1800. This locality holds the record for the world's biggest gooseberry at 2 oz (56 grams)

The Postgate Inn

Next to the station
Egton Bridge, Whitby, YO21 1UX
Tel: 01947 895241

The Horseshoe Hotel

Egton Bridge, Whitby, YO21 1XE
Tel: UK 01947 895245


Nearby, the main village of Egton is reached by the road running uphill north from the station past the Anglican church.

Established in 1876 and held each August, The Egton Agricultural Show, is the largest event of its kind on the North Yorkshire Moors.

The Wheatsheaf Inn

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Egton, Whitby, YO21 1TZ Tel: 01947 895271, YO21 1TZ, Tel: 01947 895271

The Horseshoe Inn

Egton, Whitby, YO21 1TZ
Tel:01947 895274

Short walks and picnics

Egton Bridge and nearby Arncliffe Woods (to the west) are pleasant places for picnics. On arriving at the station, walk past St Hedda's Church westward for several hundred yards. Cross the bridge and follow the road round to the right, past The Horseshoe Hotel, seen below the road on the right hand side. Keep walking , cross a small bridge. There are stepping stones here, a double set where the River Esk divides around a wooded island. They are reached by a path by a tall mill with a broken weir.

Just a little way ahead you will come to the entrance to Arncliffe Woods. The path is easy to follow through the woodland, for about a mile, before emerging at the other end near Glaisdale.

Another walk, the first turning right after St Hedda's Church, takes you to where the river can be crossed by two sets of stepping stones, joining the other route at the Horseshoe Hotel.

Fly fishing

The River Esk affords excellent fly fishing for salmon and brown trout. Permission must be obtained from the landowners or clubs possessing fishing rights. Permits from Mr Simms, 01947 604658. Also see the North York Moors National Park fishing page


Esk is Best walk

A 2-mile linear walk along ancient stone trods through the stunning Esk Valley countryside, from Glaisdale station to Egton station.

Birds, Bracken and Bugs walk

A 6-mile circular walk from Egton station, after a relatively gentle climb, the route crosses the moor top, before descending (steeply in places) back into the Esk Valley. There are superb moorland views, stretching right to the coast.

Farming Matters walk

A 6-mile linear walk from Egton station to Glaisdale station through the secluded valley of Glaisdale. After a relatively gentle climb to Grange Head Farm, the route crosses over the tops before it descends into Glaisdale.

Egton station to Sleights station

A 10-mile "there-and-back" route, or if you want to shorten the walk, simply return from Sleights to Egton by train – a 15 minute journey

Egton station to Grosmont and Beck Hole

A 7-mile circular walk that includes a mid-way stop at Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole for lunch.

Esk Valley Walk

Esk Valley Walk waymarkThe Esk Valley Walk passes through Egton Bridge. More about the Esk Valley Walk.

Off-Peak fares from Egton  
With EVR Railcard discount
Day Return to Whitby 4.50
Day Return to Middlesbrough 6.60
Note: All services from here are off-peak.

Journey times from Egton  
To Whitby 25 minutes
To Middlesbrough 66 minutes

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Train times from Egton (20.05.18 to 8.12.18)

Monday to Saturday
M'brough dep 0705 1020 1402 1756 2120 0841 1048 1346 1648
Egton dep 0813 1128 1513 1903 2227 0948 1206 1456 1759
Whitby arr 0837 1151 1536 1927 2250 1011 1229 1520 1822
Whitby dep 0845 1158 1559 1934 2257 1018 1246 1550 1828
Egton dep 0906 1219 1621 1955 2318 1039 1307 1611 1849
M'brough arr 1015 1329 1731 2105 0025 1148 1419 1723 1958
*Only runs on Fridays in June July & August.

Train times from Egton (10.12.17 to 19.05.18)

Monday to Saturday
M'brough dep 0704 1028 1404 1740 0842 1050 1346 1651
Egton dep 0813 1135 1513 1847 0948 1207 1457 1802
Whitby arr 0837 1159 1536 1911 1011 1230 1519 1825
Whitby dep 0845 1215 1559 1918 1022 1247 1546 1831
Egton dep 0906 1236 1620 1939 1043 1308 1607 1852
M'brough arr 1015 1345 1729 2047
1151 1416 1724 2002


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