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Welcome to the Esk Valley Railway

From the heart of Middlesbrough to the historic seaside town of Whitby, passing through the North York Moors National Park and serving 17 stations along the route.

The Esk Valley Railway connects the rural communities in the North York Moors with the town of Middlesbrough and the historic seaside town of Whitby. The railway also offers an enjoyable, environmentally-friendly and stress-free way to view and explore this magnificent landscape and lovely villages.

Away from the packed commuter routes and main intercities, the backwaters of our national rail network harbour some of the most beautiful rides in the world. Leaving Teesside, the train chugs out across the North York Moors … along the leafy valley through Danby, Egton and Lealholm – surely the prettiest village in Yorkshire – to Whitby's bracing sea air, fine Georgiana and looming Gothic church. This is England's green and pleasant land, writ large over 36miles ... it will make you sigh - The Sunday Times

The Esk Valley Railway from Middlesbrough to Whitby is supported by the not-for-profit Esk Valley Railway Development Company (EVRDC), a community rail partnership which helps to promote the line both to residents and visitors.

EVRDC was designated by the Department for Transport as a Community Rail Partnership in 2005 and has just received its new DfT Community Partnership Accreditation.


EVRDC markets the line, designs and distributes timetables throughout the Esk Valley and continues to highlight the need for improved services.

It successfully lobbied for funding to improve the infrastructure to enable more trains each day, for the second platform at Whitby and the new James Cook Station

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