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Our carbon footprint – our responsibility.

Help keep our countryside beautiful, tranquil and cut pollution; travelling by train is less carbon-intensive than travelling by car. Rail is the environmentally friendly and socially responsible travel option.

Did you know that you can save on average 7 kg of CO2 per person on a round trip to Whitby from Middlesbrough by travelling by train rather than by car?  Source.


If we all take responsibility for controlling global warming by reducing our carbon footprint we can help make the world a safer place for future generations.

Why not try the World Wildlife Fund link below to do a short survey to find out your own carbon emissions?  It looks at your food, home, travel and shopping and tells you how you compare to the average British and Global carbon footprint.

There is also a good list of top tips to shrink your carbon footprint including altering your diet to eat more vegetables and less meat, using your car and flying less, using your spending power and useful facts, figures and myth busters on the climate debate.


Retaining the beauty of the Esk Valley Line

The Esk Valley is a beautiful part of the country and one of the most tranquil places you can visit in North Yorkshire, according to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England’s tranquillity maps.  One of the objectives of the North York Moors National Park is to manage traffic and promote public transport and bus/rail links to maintain the special atmosphere of the Moors. See Section 5.5 NYMNP Management Plan 2012, which aims to create “A safe and efficient sustainable transport network will be provided which is compatible with the National Park’s high quality landscape.”

  Connecting with the Esk Valley Railway: 

  • Arriva Bus X4 from Whitby for local links along the coast to Saltburn where you can re-join the train towards Middlesbrough and Darlington.
  • Arrive Bus X93 from Whitby along the coast to Scarborough (Transpennine services). The X93 also serves Guisborough and Middlesbrough, but if you are travelling to Middlesbrough, try the train!
  • From York and Leeds, the Coastliner 840  runs through Malton (Transpennine services) and Pickering (North York Moors Railway).
  • During May to September,   Moors Bus run comnnecting services from Malton to Danby and the Danby Moors Centre and onto Guisborough.
  • Whitby Disablement Action Group can help with wheelchair or scooter hire if you need it www.whitbydag.org.uk and will also bring it down to the station if required on certain days.

The green fields of the Esk Valley support many farms producing local lamb, beef and eggs which are available in several butchers along the line, including at Ingleby Greenhow, Glaisdale, Sleights and Ruswarp, as well as in Whitby; many local pubs also serve locally produced meat. 

Local food saves on transport and packaging, saving CO2, so why not visit a local butcher on your trip, and you could also look out for other local foods, including Bothams and Stonehouse bread and cakes, Whitby Brewery beer, cheese from Botton Creamery, North York Moors honey and locally made cakes and pies in some of our local shops and cafes.

   Try the Train….

  • Save the hassle of driving and parking and enjoy the wondeful views along the line. See Scenic Britain by train.
  • Cut the numbers of sheep and wild animals killed on our roads (239 sheep killed in NYM National Park, 2008).
  • Enjoy the comfort and safety of the train – rail is much safer than car travel (some 70 times fewer deaths in 2015/16. (Source ORR and DfT)


This page has been updated by Moor Sustainable, a Community Interest Company and was part of a bid funded by ACoRP, DfT and Northern Railway, our thanks to all.