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Commondale today is a quiet farming-based village. Before 1947, it possessed a brickworks, which explains why some of the houses, the church and the school are, unusually for this area, built of this material. The Esk Valley Railway freight services played a vital role in transporting the bricks and tiles beyond this locality and the fire bricks were used for lining the blast furnaces in Glaisdale and Grosmont. 

John Crossley, who owned the brick, clay pipe and pottery works is commemorated by an inscripton on the prominent brick built village institute building. The Crossley works closed in 1947.

The first railway station, built in 1880, is on the other side of the railway bridge.

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What to do in Commondale

Beyond Boundaries

Offering fully inclusive activities, training, sports and courses in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire. Beyond Boundaries also have a range of animal to meet including pigs, llamas, chicken, donkeys, goats and sheep. Ring 10287-660571 for more details. Five minutes walk from the station.

Yorkshire Community Archeology

Yorkshire Community Archeology have run digs at Sand Hills House, above Commondale. More information here.


Find out more on the North York Moors website.


Find out more on the North York Moors website.