Volunteer Days At Stations

Glaisdale Station

In September 2021 we held a station tidy up day in the picturesque village of Glaisdale . The weather was beautiful, the team on the day was made of our Station Adopters, Board Members, colleagues from Northern Rail and a team from Young Rail Professionals. 

Planters were stained, plants planted, fencing painted and maintained, and by the end of the day the station was looking fantastic!




Danby Station

Following the success of the Glaisdale volunteer day we then held a similar day at Danby Station on 22nd April.  The station is looked after by a group of people from nearby Botton Village and they joined us on the day along  with a huge team from Network Rail, Northern Rail, Young Rail Professionals and other Station Adopters. 

Once again the weather was glorious and everyone worked so hard together. Bushes were pruned, plants planted, new planters painted and the inside of the waiting room was given a fresh coat of paint. Danby village hall was used to provide coffees teas and a delicious lunch.